Corporate Sponsors Fuel the CARIFTA Aquatics Championships 2024

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Clinton Rolle, Managing Director and General Manager, FOCOL Sun Oil and Fabian Fernander, Sun Oil Sales and Marketing Manager are pictured with members of the CARIFTA Aquatics 2024 Marketing Team.

Nassau, Bahamas – As the eagerly anticipated CARIFTA Aquatics Championships 2024 draws near, the event has already made waves thanks to the generous backing of sponsors, showcasing the Bahamian community’s corporate commitment to nurturing young sports talent. At the forefront, Sun Oil Limited has made a contribution of $25,000, underscoring the event’s promise of athletic excellence and community upliftment.

Joining Sun Oil Limited in championing this cause are Silver Sponsors RBC Royal Bank, Dunkin Donuts, Arawak Port Development, and The Grand Bahama Port Authority, alongside dedicated Bronze Sponsors Bahamas Hot Mix, CFAL, and Subway. Together, these sponsors form a formidable alliance, each bringing significant financial support to the table, and enhancing the championship’s stature and the athletes’ experience.

“Each sponsor, with their distinct brand of commitment, significantly elevates the championship’s potential,” said Jurelle Mullings, Chairman of the CARIFTA Aquatics Local Organizing Committee. “Their contributions go beyond the financial as they’re investing in our youth’s future, paving the way for the next wave of Caribbean aquatic champions.”

Sun Oil Limited, taking the lead with its substantial support, exemplifies the profound impact corporate sponsorship can have on regional sports. “Our gold sponsorship for the CARIFTA Swimming Championships is a continuation of this proud tradition, offering a platform for our young swimmers to shine brightly on the national and regional stage. We are not just fueling their journeys, we are investing in the dreams of our future CARIFTA and Olympic champions,” remarked Fabian Fernander, Sun Oil Sales and Marketing Manger.

The CARIFTA Aquatics Championships, set to take place in Nassau from March 28th to April 3rd, is not just a competition; it’s a platform for showcasing the Caribbean’s brightest young swimming and open water talents. With The Bahamas aiming for a sixth consecutive win, the championships promise to be a thrilling display of skill, determination, and sportsmanship.

Algernon Cargill, President of Bahamas Aquatics, extends heartfelt gratitude to all sponsors for their pivotal roles in shaping the event’s success. “The collective support from our sponsors is instrumental in bringing this international-standard event to life. It underscores the importance of investing in our athletes and reinforces our commitment to fostering a brighter future in Caribbean aquatics.”

As preparations for the CARIFTA Aquatics Championships continue, there’s a rallying call for more organizations to join this esteemed group of sponsors. “Your involvement can make a significant difference,” urges Algernon Cargill, inviting more companies to support this cornerstone event and the young athletes striving for excellence.

For sponsorship opportunities and to learn more about supporting the CARIFTA Aquatics Championships and Team Bahamas, contact Lynne Fraino at or 242-824-7465.

Visit for further information about the championships and how you can contribute to the success of this celebrated event.

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About CARIFTA Aquatics:

The CARIFTA Aquatics Championships is a premier international age-group competition that unites athletes from across the Caribbean in a celebration of aquatic sports. As a pillar of the Caribbean’s rich sporting culture, the event exemplifies the region’s dedication to fostering athletic talent, sportsmanship, and unity among its youth.


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